“Making wine is my offering to everyone.

It is my art, it is how I translate this inspiration through my hands”




Inspired by the unique terroir of the high-altitude vineyards, captivated by the potential of the grape quality in this region and paying homage to the Calchaqui Valley, Desafio was born in 2004. This red blend expresses the true soul of the high desert vineyards.


Altoandino, continues to pay homage to the Calchaqui Valley and the intensity of the wines brought forth from the soul of its fruits, high altitude vineyards and unique terroir.  Since 2007, with our first Altoandino, our inspiration has been to craft a wine that is both classic and contemporary.


Elusive in their Andean mountain forest homes, the spectacled bear, Ukumar, is the only species of bear in South America.  As this bear is rarely encountered in nature, so are pure Tannat wines.  For this reason, we dedicate our label to this fascinating spirit.